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A running list. Let me know if you know any more. (Tiger is too cliché to make the list). This will probably become an artwork at some point.

Archipelago Economy;

Bridget Jones Economy;

Bubble Economy;

Creative Economy;

Karaoke Economy;

Knowledge Economy;

Moral Economy;

Rhizome Economy;

Tapeworm Economy;

Oh dear. It has been nearly a month now since the last post and no new thoughts have spontaneously formed themselves into beautifully textured bundles of words. Must try harder.

For the last couple of days I’ve been attending a public art symposium that has been all in all very stimulating and without meaning to sound like a flake it has been thoroughly inspiring too. One of the highlights was getting to know the work of choreographer and dancer Fearghus O’Conchúir. See


For Matthew and me, the challenge was to deal with the huge space which the football pitch presented. I took the material from the film and extended it from one goal post to the other. Sunshine and the sandy ground made it an effort but that effort is already part of the truth of the material and didn’t need to be denied. Performing in that kind of public space where the work isn’t sealed off from outside influence requires a particularly sturdy kind of piece but it brings with it a potential for beautiful additions: we gained the shouts of elderly gentlemen playing boules and the voices of a gospel choir practising nearby. One cannot rely on these chance additions but one can be grateful for them and for serendipity.

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