Cadbury’s Wispa is being reintroduced, following a period of extensive consumer campaigning (online petitions, stage storming at Glastonbury…)

On Facebook, there are 93 ‘Bring Back Wispa’ groups with almost 14,000 members. Feelings for the retro chocolate bar run as strongly on MySpace and Bebo. During the 1980s Cadbury used a string of actors and actresses to publicise the Wispa bar: Ruth Madoc of Hi-de-Hi!, Nigel Hawthorne and Paul Eddington of Yes Minister and Windsor Davies from It Ain’t Half Hot Mum were among the celebrities who appeared in the Wispa campaigns. The Wispa will sell for a recommended price of 42p per bar. Its 1983 launch price was just 16p [UK prices]

The Wispa was introduced in the year I was born, 1981, and phased out sometime in the early 2000s. Wikipedia has since told me that ‘Subtypes of this bar included Wispa Gold (caramel filling), Wispa Bite (caramel and biscuit filling), Wispaccino (coffee filling) and Wispa Mint (mint layer).’ None of which I recall but it’s only the basic one they will bring back anyway. (It’s being called ‘Classic‘)

I never really liked Wispas but I’m sure I’ll partake of one, all the better to remember memories and imaginings that aren’t really mine.

Image: 80s icons – Sky