Fúadach [elopement]

Daonleathas [democracy]

Cró na Snáthaire [eye of the needle]

Spiléar  [fishing line of hooks] – sp.

? [make a living]

Fiach mhara [shag]; fiach dubh [raven]

Bleach [sound]

Maoineachas [nostalgia?]

Raitleach [hag] – on scannán an lá cheana féin

Raibiléire [hussy] – on scannán an lá cheana féin 



Thanks to Danny for the guided cliff walk and the words that flowed into the landscape.

For what has taken me to Dingle/ Daingean Uí Chúis this week see here. I’m here with artists Katie Holten, Ben Geoghegan and Andrew Duggan.