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So there are two distinct things that are interesting here – the visual and what it represents.

(The trajectory runs from attention data > interest cloud > XXL attention profile).

This represents APML: attention profiling mark up language. (APML is a proposed standard that allows users to share their own personal attention profile and compress all forms of attention data into one portable file format that can be traded between ‘attention seekers and givers’).

The internet is coming up with some intriguing new forms of visual culture to respresent what’s been described and imagined as ‘the crowd’ or ‘the masses’. This runs from the conventional idea of the crowd as a stupid-to-dangerous social ‘blob’ and the dangers of ‘groupthink’, to optimistic ideas of collective intelligence such as James Suroweicki’s The Wisdom of Crowds. It comes back to the old debate of populism. That is, elitism.