In Paul Murnaghan’s Memorious, (14 – 28 January 2006), advertising space was used as a platform to announce that the artist’s memory capacity was for sale. Once the advertisement had been read, the work was completed in that form. If the contacts that were included in the ad were utilized, the work entered a second phase, one in which the activator gained control. At this stage it is necessary for that person to make some decisions. Which memory shall be chosen, why this memory, what is its value?

Memory was the first monument, before drawing, photography or object. Like any ideology or belief, the substance of the monument corrupts over time. Memorious offered a functional placebo of commemorative effect. Of course the purchased certificate will not degrade in the same fashion. The dictated text or monument is wax sealed in a document of personal authenticity. The substance may be a complete fabrication, a dream, a wish or a memorial. Here, all is valid and true. It is intended that these manuscripts will resurface at some stage and that individuals will reengage with the content of the text.

Review in CIRCA

from the artist’s website

*Funes the Memorious is a famous story by Jorges Luis Borges that imagines the risks of perfect memory: it concerns a man who possesses ‘total recall’ and is paralysed by it.