Ballenciaga, Fall 2008 collection

Ballenciaga, Fall 2008 collection

So, before the recession was ‘announced’ I was doing some preliminary research into how fashion correlates with economic trends (skirt lengths, volume of material used etc). A day or two ago I came across this post over at Freakonomics:


The global economic slowdown has had an upside for some people. First, it was debt consolidators and private security firms. Now, necktie companies are reporting a boost in sales as the unemployment rate rises, the Telegraph reports. The (questionable) theory is that employed men want to look sharp and thereby stay employed.

To think — just last October we were wondering whether or not the tie might be on its way out.

What other fashion trends can be linked to the ups and downs of the stock market? Skirt hemlines, of course. But in this curious slideshow, The Times’s Bill Cunningham wonders if the Dow might also be dragging down the already sagging pants of New York’s youth.