The ‘Bring Back Cavan Cola’ campaign has almost 1,800 members and we’ve heard from the BBC, Metro Dublin, Irish News, 2FM with Rick O’Shea, Newstalk, UTV 105, Northern Sound, Cavan Post & Cavan Echo !!

Cavan has been robbed of its identity, its lifeblood and we want it back ! Imagine Kerry with no butter ??!!

Cavan Cola is a forgotten symbol of what Cavan stood for – Cavan Cola defines refreshment, coolness & vintage Cavan culture of old. It has been sorely missed !! No more Cavan children should have to grow up not being able to drink ‘Cavan Cola’ from the brown bottle with a bag of Tayto !!

Cavan Cola was born in 1984 & was so popular there that it went national in the early 1990s, becoming something of a nationwide phenomenon. In 1995, Cavan Mineral Water was taken over and some fool started phasing out Cavan Cola. By 2001, Cavan Cola had disappeared.

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