At this year’s Venice Architecture Biennale, Belgium commemorated the 100th anniversary of its pavilion by building a facade around it; the viewer entered this steel structure towards the rear and walked through the building before exiting at the front and viewing the original facade.

This worked neatly to exhibit the building itself, the interior filled with confetti. (The title and tone of the work, After the Party, was uncannily reminiscent of the tone of various relational art projects). Curator Moritz Kung had assigned the following brief:

Give the existing building, as part of its immediate surroundings, an architectural use and function that can be experience on a scale of 1:1 with regard to its location (a public park), status (cultural embassy), history (of the Giardini) and/or context (an international platform for architecture). 


This was one of the most conceptually and visually elegant projects I saw at the Biennale.

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