Someone close to me (nearly, very, very nearly) lost my camera at 
the weekend. There were no tears of rage or grief but a pulsating 
sense of loss all the same. The sensation lacked the drama to 
warrant comparison with losing a limb; it was more like a gall 
bladder or an appendix. A kind of phantom loss, difficult to place 
and difficult to determine its necessity.
* Appendix: 1549, “subjoined addition to a document or book,” from L. appendix “something attached,” from appendere (see append). Used for “small outgrowth of an internal organ” from 1615, especially in ref. to the vermiform appendix. Appendicitis is from 1886; appendectomy (1894) is a hybrid, with Gk. -ektomia “a cutting out of.” from the Online Etymology Dictionary