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Belated thanks to Niall de Buitléar for contributing this week's
feature: Knitted Village, where mimicking the world in miniature
contributes financially to its upkeep.

'A knitted replica of a Kent village with 100 features including
teenagers smoking in a bus shelter has been put up for sale.
The model of Mersham, near Ashford, has been knitted by members
of the village's 40-strong Afternoon Club over the past 23 years.

The group has raised about £10,000 for their village hall by
exhibiting it. But the creation is now to be split up and sold off
because it has become too large to be transported.
Since 1986, thousands of hours of handiwork have gone into the village.

The preparation involved taking pictures and mocking up cardboard
templates of the properties and objects. Afternoon Club member
Joyce McDonagh, 82, a retired market researcher, said:
"It will be a shame to see it all broken up but it has become
something of an elephant. Most of the members are now of pensionable
age and we haven't got the men to lift the stuff. It wouldn't be so
bad if there were just two or three items but there are at least 100
now. It's massive and that's the problem."

via BBC News (video available)
Image held here

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