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A good few months ago now, my laptop went to sleep and never woke up
again. My reliable, pre-Vista Vaio was no longer with me, and I thought
with some dread and fascination about crossing over to the white side,
Edenic commodity fetishism and all.

However I've been lucky enough to do this by baby steps, effectively
putting off the decision indefinitely by borrowing a friend's old,
discarded Mac. No need to make definitive decisions involving what
feels like learning another language, and paying through the
(shiny white/ matt aluminium) nose for it to boot.
I can procrastinate with a free trial first.

What's been so surprising about this is how pleasant it has been to
borrow a friend's discarded mental environment. I don't mean the
nosey impulse to comb through her hard drive: there is nothing there
and I don't want there to be. But it's oddly comforting to inherit
a screensaver image (which I haven't changed, even though I find it
hard on the eyes), a search history, a few oddments of music and an
eclectic set of favourite weblinks, organised into intriguing
subheadings (Public Space/ rainbow/ Speech/ paris/ difference engine).
It reminds me of swapping shoes with my best friend for the day when
I was a kid.

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